threat-detectionAlthough this class covers situational awareness, it goes way beyond the basics. Our Advanced Threat Detection class is based on the same principles taught in sections of the Marines Combat Hunter program.

Whether you are military, contractor, police, security, or civilian, this class will teach you to effectively and quickly identify potential threats in busy environments. These same principles have been taught to troops before deployment to high risk areas, police, intelligence agencies, and special operators.

With acts of terrorism and mass shooting incidents on the rise, it is important to be able to identify threats before they occur.

This 3 hour training covers the following:

  • How to read people and discern their intentions with high accuracy.
  • How to establish baselines
  • How to accurately identity anomalies
  • What to look for and what to ignore
  • The honest indicators
  • Deceptive indcators
  • Stress or uncomfortable indicators
  • How to make important decisions with limited information
  • How to improve these skills
  • …so much more.

Due to the nature of this material, we reserve the right to refuse entry into this class. All registrations will be screened before admission.