This 3 hour training consists of two hours of classroom instruction and one hour of range time. We take the mystery out of firearms and good shooting. Enjoy a relaxed, safe learning experience. In this class, it’s all about you. Whether you have no experience or want a refresher, this will empower you to use a handgun with confidence.

Basic Instruction

The following will be covered:
• Gun Safety
• Gun Operation
• How to load and unload
• Stance
• Grip
• Breathing
• Site alignment and sight picture
• Operational failures and how to clear them
• Range safety
• Two handed shooting
• One handed shooting
• Common shooting errors
• How to practice
• Holsters
• How to clean a handgun
• Proper safe storage of a handgun

Two Women Shooting

These classes are scheduled based on availability. Please contact us to schedule one of these classes with you.