Gunshot Wound First-Aid

This 3 hour class is for treating combat casualties in the home.  In a shooting situation, often the EMS will not arrive until after the police have arrived and secured the area.  During this delay, it is critical to know what to do as often this “first” aid administered can make all the difference.  It covers the following:

  • Understanding Vital Body Functions for First Aid
  • Adverse Conditions
  • Basics of First Aid
  • Evaluating a Casualty
  • Rescue Breathing
  • Stop the Bleeding and Protect the Wound
  • Preventing and Handling Shock
  • Chest Wounds
  • Abdominal Wounds
  • Dressings and Bandages
  • First Aid Kits with Field Dressings and Bandages

Making your own dressings and bandages