Home InvasionAre you aware that you’re eight times more likely to be involved in a home inva­sion attack than you are to be involved in a house fire?

When intrud­ers enter your house force­fully, whether for the thrill of it or to rob you and take your fam­ily hostage, this is considered to be a home invasion.

Don’t make the mis­take of think­ing home inva­sions only take place in high crime areas. Home inva­sions are also tak­ing place in sub­urbs and rural areas. These attacks are more com­mon than most peo­ple think.

Some statistics to think about:

  • In more than 85% of all break-ins, they enter through a door.
  • It can take less than 10 seconds to kick-in a door.
  • Police response time to a typical home alarm is often greater than 15 minutes.
  • A home that has been burglarized is 4 times more likely to be burglarized again.
  • A burglary occurs every 15 seconds in the United States.

Now is the time to plan a home defense strategy that will keep you and your fam­ily safe if you’re ever faced with a vio­lent home inva­sion attack.

This 2 hour class will cover the following

  • How to make your home less of a target.
  • How to fortify your home.
  • Home defense tactics that will help you survive a violent home invasion.
  • Safe rooms, what they are and what they aren’t. How to effectively choose, prepare, and use them.
  • Action versus reaction time.
  • The best home defense weapons.
  • Situational awareness.
  • How and when to clear a house.
  • We will be evaluating some real stories of home invasions.

At a bare minimum, reinforce the weak points of your doors. For a great product to help with that, see Armor Concepts.

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